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LaFame Bridal Mansion | paulkongck
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Author: paulkongck

wedding fair lafame TCE

07 Nov

  ➡🎉LaFame Bridal Mansion 开店至今第一场婚纱展将在Mid Valley 从9/11/2018 - 11/11/2018, 为了荣庆马六甲新店开业现场为您们带来2019年全新优惠套系及产品,的惊喜多到你不能想像。我们到时见! ➡🎉LaFame Bridal first ever wedding fair in Mid Valley ( 9/11/2018 - 11/11/2018 ) , in conjunction with the grand opening of Melacca new Branch , we launch our latest promo plans & products. We have lots of...

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Cotswold 11_1

18 Jun Celebrating Zhen Mei & Alex, UK

The Cotswolds is home to some of the most unspoilt, historic and famous towns and villages in England. Beautiful countryside, chic accommodation, colourful markets, quirky events and shopping…. The stunning towns and villages of the Cotswolds will always surprise you! Special thanks to Alex & Zhen...

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FIRM UPM Lafame 001


Last week we did the forest theme prewedding (FRIM) photo session of Jillian & Kenneth in the Forest Research Institute Malaysia. It's is a statutory agency of the Government of Malaysia, under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.We prepared the timing of everything, from the...

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lafame gallerie ck 001

16 Feb Prewedding . Richard + Bee Lin

Celebrating love of Richard & Bee Lin. We started the prewedding session at our favourite outdoor location, a famous farm located 20 mins aways from our studio. Thanks to the wonderful weather, we had a great shooting day. We continue the shooting afternoon in our...

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