Happy Family Promotion 家庭照优惠配套

Family portraits may be the only way for future generations to remember the styles and personalities of each family member when they look back on each image as time passes. Capture these precious memories professionally with our team at LaFame Bridal Mansion




🎊 🎉国庆盛典,厚惠有期🎊 🎉
在整个九月里,为了配合马来西亚第62届国庆日, LaFame Bridal Mansion推出超级优惠配套,只要在九月份签购我们的家庭优惠配套,就享有15% 折扣,再加上免费租借礼服一套和西装一套。
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购买时间 31st August – 30th September 2019
拍摄时间日期:31st August – 31st December 2019 (by appointment only)

During this September, as a celebration of our country’s national day🇲🇾 we’re bringing you a promotion for family portraits with an interesting twist. Come and purchase our family portrait sessions with enjoy a 15% off our standard price + Free 1pc gown & 1pc suit and reserve your session date with us to shoot later.

To purchase our family portrait sessions  and get started in creating new family heirlooms, contact us now at

🔷Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lafamebridal/
🖼Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/lafamebridal/
🔗website : http://www.lafame.asia/
🔖WeChat : Lafame Bridal Mansion
📧 Email: info@lafame.asia
 Phone: +60178788563 (KL HQ) | +60178788561 (Melaka Branch)

📍KL HQ : 205 , Jalan ss2/24,47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia (waze/google map: Lafame ss2)
📍Melaka Branch :10, Jln KSB 12,Taman Kota Syahbandar, 75200 Melaka (waze/google map: Lafame melaka)

🛒Promotion Period: 31st August – 30th September
📸 Shooting Section Period: from 31st August till 31st December 2019

Oh, and please share this with a friend or family member that you know will love the memories and the message.
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Celebrating Phoebe & Reagan, Sekinchan

Last 2 weeks, we did the pre-wedding photo session of Phoebe & Reagan pre-wedding in Sekinchan. Thanks for the great experience shooting with you both. Thanks for your affords to get ready for the balloons, Mini Cooper & Vespa. It’s our pleasure to create beautiful pre-wedding photos for this lovely couple. Congrats and stay tuned for the full set pre-wedding photos. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@lafame.asia


LaFame Sekinchan01_1 LaFame Sekinchan02_1 LaFame Sekinchan03_1 LaFame Sekinchan04_1 LaFame Sekinchan05_1LaFame Sekinchan06_1 LaFame Sekinchan07_1 LaFame Sekinchan08_1 LaFame Sekinchan09_1 LaFame Sekinchan10_1

Celebrating Zhen Mei & Alex, UK

The Cotswolds is home to some of the most unspoilt, historic and famous towns and villages in England. Beautiful countryside, chic accommodation, colourful markets, quirky events and shopping…. The stunning towns and villages of the Cotswolds will always surprise you!

Special thanks to Alex & Zhen Mei chosen Cotswold for pre wedding shoot, wonderful places for wedding photography. We went to few places like Bath, Bibury, Burford, Bourton-on-the-water…etc. I personally love Bourton-on-the-water, it’s has the “Venice of the Cotswold” because of the attractive little bridges that cross the gently flowing River through the centre of the village. Here are some of the casual shots that taken at Cotswold。

For more information, please contact us at info@lafame.asia

Cotswold 是英国一些最未受破坏的,历史悠久的着名城镇和乡村的所在地。美丽的乡村,别致的住宿,丰富多彩的市场,古怪的活动和购物。Cotswold 的迷人城镇和村庄带给我们很多惊喜!

特别感谢Alex&Zhen Mei选择Cotswold进行婚礼拍摄,婚礼摄影的绝佳场所。我们去了几个地方,比如Bath,Bibury,Burford,Bourton-on-the-water等等。我个人喜欢Bourton-on-the-water,它拥有“Cotswold 的威尼斯之称号”,因为有一些迷人的小桥梁横过轻轻流动的河流通过村庄的中心。这里有一些在Cotswold拍摄美丽照片。

欲了解更多详请,请联系我们 info@lafame.asia

Cotswold 01_1 Cotswold 02_1 Cotswold 03_1 Cotswold 04_1 Cotswold 05_1 Cotswold 06_1 Cotswold 07_1 Cotswold 08_1 Cotswold 09_1 Cotswold 10_1 Cotswold 11_1 Cotswold 12_1 Cotswold 12b_1 Cotswold 13_1 Cotswold 14_1 Cotswold 15_1


We were happy & congratulate to our best friend Kavanna & Sassha. We known the couple for many years and finally they both engaged few month back. Kavanna & Sassha also from wedding industry, they both are famous photographer & make up artist. When come to Pre Wedding photography, thank you for choosing LaFame and trust us.
Recently we had upgraded & built a few beautiful scenes for Pre Wedding. It comes with different concepts, feeling and character. Doing a indoor pre-wedding shoot in LaFame Bridal Mansion for this couple is awesome fun. We love it as we have been know each other for years and the couple felt comfortable with us taking their photo. It is also a great way for couple to get to spend a fun shooting day together shooting in our mansion, without all the pressures of shooting outdoor. We can play with styling, props and themes. We just know that it is our privilege to get to photograph this lovely couple.
Kavanna & Sassha, thank you letting us be to capture these beautiful photos . We wish you happiness always and forever. See you both again in your wedding day. 
我们很高兴,并祝贺我们最好的朋友Kavanna&Sassha。我们认识他们很多年,他们终于在几个月前订了婚。 Kavanna&Sassha也是做婚纱行业,他们都是着名的摄影师和化妆师。来到婚礼摄影,感谢您选择LaFame并相信我们。
最近我们升级并建了几个婚纱的美丽场景。它有不同的概念,感觉和品格。在LaFame Bridal Mansion为这对新人进行室内婚礼前拍摄是非常有趣的。因为我们已经彼此认识了多年,这对夫妇对我们拍照感到很舒服。这也是一个很好的方式,夫妇在我们的豪宅一起拍摄有趣的拍摄日子,没有所有的压力拍摄户外也不受天气的影响。我们可以玩造型,道具和主题。我们很荣幸可以拍摄这对可爱的情侣。
LaFame Pre Wedding001LaFame Pre Wedding002LaFame Pre Wedding003LaFame Pre Wedding004LaFame Pre Wedding005LaFame Pre Wedding006LaFame Pre Wedding007LaFame Pre Wedding008LaFame Pre Wedding009LaFame Pre Wedding010LaFame Pre Wedding011LaFame Pre Wedding012LaFame Pre Wedding013LaFame Pre Wedding014LaFame Pre Wedding015LaFame Pre Wedding016LaFame Pre Wedding017LaFame Pre Wedding018LaFame Pre Wedding019LaFame Pre Wedding020LaFame Pre Wedding021LaFame Pre Wedding022LaFame Pre Wedding023LaFame Pre Wedding024LaFame Pre Wedding025LaFame Pre Wedding026LaFame Pre Wedding027LaFame Pre Wedding028LaFame Pre Wedding029LaFame Pre Wedding030LaFame Pre Wedding031LaFame Pre Wedding032LaFame Pre Wedding033LaFame Pre Wedding034LaFame Pre Wedding035LaFame Pre Wedding036LaFame Pre Wedding037

Behind the scene . Lafame x Christy Ng Shoe . The Collaboration Project

We kick-start 2017 with a special collaboration project . Christy Ng Shoe x Lafame Bridal . It was a fun and productive shooting day in Lafame Bridal Mansion . It’s a project which we have planned 2 months ago to photoshoot Christy Ng latest shoes & Cheong Sam collection in our studio. Special thanks to Christy Ng for the opportunity , Boon & Deng for their arrangement . We look forward for more collaboration in coming soon. Here’s are some highlight behind the scene photos. Stay tuned for the final works.

Photography : Lafame Bridal ( Edmund , Paul & Kavanna )

Props & Deco : Lafame Bridal

Make-up artist & hairstylist -: Evelyn & Madonna

Lighting assistant : Chris –

Clothing & Shoes : Christy Ng Shoes

Model – Marina