When is your last time you took a proper family photo

😢When is your last time you took a proper family photo?

😭During this time, I believe that everyone has more time at home than before, and the time spent getting along has also increased. Do you notice that your parents are not young anymore? They contributed their lives to this family, children.

It’s the family who gave us life , care and the opportunity to experience the warmth of life and enjoy the happiness of this colorful world💖

It doesn’t matter when you have it, it’s valuable when you lose it.

What we can do now is to cherish the present and cherish everyone who makes you worthy of your heart. Home is a lamp that will never go out in your heart; home is your eternal harbor.

In fact, we can not spend much time with our parents. Instead of regretting it, let’s take a group of warm family portraits while everyone is at home now.📸

📸When we put the photographed “family photo” on the wall of the house, the whole house is full of warmth, harmony, and happiness.

🎉🎉Good news! Now you can have family portraits without going out, our photographers come to your home for the photo shooting.

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🤗Now you can have family portraits without going out, our photographers come to your home for the photo shooting!

🤩Of course, you can also shoot in our studio. We have more than 30 backgrounds to choose from📸。

💢Discount up to 60%‼️

💢30 Hi-res Fully Touchup Photo

💢2 hours shooting

💢2 sets of self-prepared attire

💢3 to 8 people

💢pPackage is valid for 2 years

💢Shoot at your home or our studio.

💢 choose up to 3 scenes

Only 20 slots available by Our Director Photographer


🎉Family Photo Promo🎉


Plan A : RM553 ( without makeup/ hairdo )


Plan B : RM883 ( with makeup , hairdo & 8R print with frame )



💥 if you sign up for two sets of Family Portrait, 1 set free (buy 2 get 1 free) 🎉🎉🎉🎉



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其实我们能够陪伴在父母身边的时间并不是很多,与其到时候遗憾,就趁现在大家常在家的时候,拍摄一组温馨的全家福Family portrait ,留下美好的时光。

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配套 1 :RM580 (不包化妆)


💢20张高清全修饰照片 ( Fully Touchup )






配套 2 :RM880 ( 包1个化妆和发型 + 8R照和相框 )



💢25张高清全修饰照片 ( Fully Touchup )











💥还有还有,如果想在签购两组全家福Family portrait, 免费全部底片  🎉🎉🎉🎉




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Pregnancy . Maternity Portrait.

Pregnancy . Maternity Portrait.

A great adventure is about to begin . 🍼👶Miracles gonna happen soon!

Our maternity portrait session can be conducted at our studio with different set up & scenes or your own choices of outdoor locations.

🎉🎉 Let’s celebrate the miracles of love !

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