Behind the scene . Lafame x Christy Ng Shoe . The Collaboration Project

We kick-start 2017 with a special collaboration project . Christy Ng Shoe x Lafame Bridal . It was a fun and productive shooting day in Lafame Bridal Mansion . It’s a project which we have planned 2 months ago to photoshoot Christy Ng latest shoes & Cheong Sam collection in our studio. Special thanks to Christy Ng for the opportunity , Boon & Deng for their arrangement . We look forward for more collaboration in coming soon. Here’s are some highlight behind the scene photos. Stay tuned for the final works.

Photography : Lafame Bridal ( Edmund , Paul & Kavanna )

Props & Deco : Lafame Bridal

Make-up artist & hairstylist -: Evelyn & Madonna

Lighting assistant : Chris –

Clothing & Shoes : Christy Ng Shoes

Model – Marina

Fashion shoot . Keith Kee Couture + Lafame Bridal


Keith Kee Couture , 15th anniversary . A mark of the masterpiece 2016

We are one of the proud sponsors of the grand event of Keith Kee Couture , “15th anniversary . A mark of the masterpiece 2016”. Thanks Keith Kee for entrusting us to photograph the latest collection of Keith Kee Couture featured with Malaysia top models and artists thanks for the opportunity to showcase our work and brand to all the honourable guests, dato & datin & one of the super star of the night , Dato Jimmy Choo.

Through the respect and appreciation of individualism in every aspect, Keith Kee Couture (KKC) strongly believes that every piece of outfit is made for a lasting statement, that will be worthy of a lifetime of memories. Keith prides on having an acute sensitivity to an individual’s needs and as such, pays meticulous attention to the detailing as well as finishing touches, in line with his genuine desire to bring out a person’s best. He was awarded as Best Showcase Designer of the year 2016 by Mercedes-Benz during Styo Asia Fashion Festival Malaysia.  It’s our pleasure indeed to be part of the project and had a crossover for the latest fashion shoot.

 Special thanks to  Dato Sri Jessy Lai , Angie Ng , Irene Martin, Elle Yong , Fish Tan , Benjamin Toong , Amber Chia , Soo Wincci , Zhiny Ooi , Carrie Lee , Kelly Jagan , Chloe Chen , Fancy Goh , Datin Elianna Efendieva Yong , Ks Tan , Kate Chan , Kim Low & Wafa to the the models of the shooting. 


Fashion Shoot in Pullman Hotel, KLkeith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-003 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-004 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-005 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-006 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-007

Fashion shoot in Lafame Bridal Mansionkeith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-008 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-009 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-010 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-011 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-012 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-013 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-014 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-015 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-016 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-017