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Wedding couples who sign up for our packages worth RM4500 and above between 1/6/2019 to 14/7/2019 will be entitled to participate in a lucky draw with a chance to get a FREE destination pre wedding photography in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Package includes:
-2 ways flight ticket for wedding couple
2 ways flight ticket for Photographer
2 ways flight for Make up artist
-Accommodation and meals in hotel

The lucky draw will be held via Facebook Live on 14/7/2019 (Sunday) 6.30pm.
Grand Prize: Pre Wedding Photography at Koh Samui
1st Runner up: Family Portrait Photography
2nd Runner Up: 24×36 inches photo frame
Consolation Prize: 10 x 15 inches Photo Frame

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Package Sign up Date
Date: 1/6/2019 – 1/7/2019
Time: 12pm-6pm
Location: Melaka LaFame Bridal Mansion and KL SS2 LaFame Bridal Mansion

Terms and conditions:
1. Must provide proof of LIKE/FOLLOW our Facebook Fanpage, Instagram and WeChat Official Account (QR code can be found in our shop)
2. Couple must sign our RM4500 package and above to be eligible to join the lucky draw

Melaka Branch:10, Jln KSB 12,Taman Kota Syahbandar, 75200 Melaka (waze/google map: Lafame melaka)
KL Branch: 205 , Jalan ss2/24,47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia (waze/google map: Lafame ss2)

koh samui lafame bridal prewedding_1 koh samui prewedding photography lafame_1

🎉🎉为了庆祝*LaFame Bridal Mansion 三周年*,LaFame来给你送礼啦!!!🎉🎉

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LaFame 全包:
住宿费 和 伙食

我们会在 14/7/2019(星期日) 晚上6.30正开facebook live 抽奖,幸运儿是随机抽选的,赢取总值高达RM10,000
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1/6/2019 – 1/7/2019
10pm – 7pm
地点: 马六甲LaFame Bridal Mansion 和 吉隆坡SS2 LaFame Bridal Mansion

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3. 抽签活动会在7/7/2019(星期日) 晚上7点正在我们的Facebook Fanpage开live
马六甲分行:10, Jln KSB 12,Taman Kota Syahbandar, 75200 Melaka (waze/google map: Lafame melaka)
吉隆坡总行: 205 , Jalan ss2/24,47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia (waze/google map: Lafame ss2)

Koh Samui prewedding photography_1

Koh Samui prewedding_1


Prewedding . Chris & Charlotte

Prewedding . Chris & Charlotte

We have couples which build the trust with us even before we meet up. Chris & Charolette is one of these couples that we plan everything even before meet up and they flew all the way from Perth to have their engagement photos taken by us last week. Thanks for your love and support. We can’t wait to deliver the album to you this week and show to your guests at your wedding this coming weekend.

Here are some highlight of Prewedding photos taken outdoor and indoor studio.

Besides, we look forward for your Europe prewedding next year !  #paris #prague #venice

prewedding lafame paul kong 001 prewedding lafame paul kong 002 prewedding lafame paul kong 003 prewedding lafame paul kong 004 prewedding lafame paul kong 005 prewedding lafame paul kong 006 prewedding lafame paul kong 007 prewedding lafame paul kong 008 prewedding lafame paul kong 009


Last week we did the forest theme prewedding (FRIM) photo session of Jillian & Kenneth in the Forest Research Institute Malaysia. It’s is a statutory agency of the Government of Malaysia, under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.We prepared the timing of everything, from the details of suit, dress, props to the venue. As they based in Australia and they love the countryside of Australia so we decided to get lost in the forest and scout out intimate corners to make romantic photographs. We got some beautiful light at sunrise. We brought along some wooden suitcases as props which we think the props match the forest theme so much. All these props available for free upon sign up our any prewedding plan . We hope you all love this set of photos.
FIRM UPM Lafame 002 FIRM UPM Lafame 003 FIRM UPM Lafame 004

Osaka & Kyoto Sakura Season Prewedding

Osaka & Kyoto Sakura season prewedding !

Osaka , a city celebrated for its humming party scene and great restaurants and street food, a trip to Osaka is fantastic place to be when the cherry blossom arrives. With thousands of trees planted along the Osaka Castle, the riverside promenades and gardens are great spots for enjoying the view and off course for prewedding photo shoot.

Here are some highlight photos taken in our previous trip in Japan 2 weeks ago.  Stay tuned for the full set of portfolio and the behind the scene video. We will upload it by next week.
Join us again for sakura season prewedding in Japan next year .
IMG_0177075_1 IMG_0230076_1

Paris & Amsterdam Oversea Prewedding

Paris & Amsterdam Oversea Prewedding 

Once again we travel for one whole month for oversea shooting assignment. We can’t wait to share with you all some highlight images we’ve created in these days. We’ve been travelled to 3 different countries,  Japan ( Osaka & Kyoto ) – France ( Paris ) –  Nevertheland ( Amsterdam )  and back to KL again in 3rd May 2017.

Dear couples, thanks so much for choosing us to photograph your pre wedding portrait in Europe & Japan. We all had great laugh along the shooting trip. Meanwhile, please enjoy the highlight images taken in the amazing cities in Europe.


Wai Yuen & Chia ( Paris & Amsterdam )
We’ve gained so much experience of Europe pre-wedding planning & shooting and this trip we’ve explored some new amazing places in Amsterdam.  It’s our 4th time travel to Amsterdam. We had visited the Amsterdam City Centre for some early morning shots , the famous windmills of Zaanse Schans , Tulip farm , and lastly the castle Kasteel de Haar.
002Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 002019_1 003Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 003020_1 004Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 004021_1 005Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 005022_1 006Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 006023_1 007Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 007024_1 008Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 008025_1 009Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 009026_1 010Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 010027_1 011Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 011028_1 012Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 012029_1 013Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 013030_1 014Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 014031_1 One of  the most challenging moment as we were shooting in the rain .  It’s raining season in both Paris & Amsterdam.015Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 015032_1 016Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 016033_1 017Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 017034_1 018Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 018035_1 019Amsterdam windmill tulip lafame gallerie ck 019036_1

Here are some recommended photo shooting locations in Paris that you won’t want to miss:

– Eiffel Tour.
– Pont de Bir-Hakeim
– Cathedral Notre Dame.
– The Lourve.
– Opera

– carousel

We will back to Europe again in October 2017, and now please enjoy viewing the images we created for the couple.

020Paris Lafame Gallerie CK 001037_1 021Paris Lafame Gallerie CK 002038_1 022Paris Lafame Gallerie CK 003039_1 023Paris Lafame Gallerie CK 004040_1 025Paris Lafame Gallerie CK 006042_1 026Paris Lafame Gallerie CK 007043_1 027Paris Lafame Gallerie CK 008044_1 028Paris Lafame Gallerie CK 009045_1

Christine & Terrence ( Paris )029Paris Lafame Gallerie CK 010046_1 030Paris Lafame Gallerie CK 011047_1 031Paris Lafame Gallerie CK 012048_1 032Paris Lafame Gallerie CK 013049_1 033Paris Lafame Gallerie CK 014050_1 034Paris Lafame Gallerie CK 015051_1 035Paris Lafame Gallerie CK 016052_1 036Paris Lafame Gallerie CK 017053_1

Zach & Catherine from Singapore ( Paris )Paris Lafame Gallerie CK WY 144 copy_1 Paris Lafame Gallerie CK WY 148_1 Paris Lafame Gallerie CK WY 149_1 Paris Lafame Gallerie CK WY 150 copy_1 Paris Lafame Gallerie CK WY 152_1 Here’re some behind the scene photos taken by our assistant.  We not only sell good images, we sell experience. We had lots of laugh along the photo shooting with couples & crew.039bts paris amsterdam 003056_1 041bts paris amsterdam 005058_1 043bts paris amsterdam 007060_1 044bts paris amsterdam 008061_1 048bts paris amsterdam 012065_1 049bts paris amsterdam 013066_1

Prewedding . Richard + Bee Lin

Celebrating love of Richard & Bee Lin. We started the prewedding session at our favourite outdoor location, a famous farm located 20 mins aways from our studio. Thanks to the wonderful weather, we had a great shooting day. We continue the shooting afternoon in our studio.

2017 Lafame studio concept . Customisable & combination of romance, classic , joy & candid especially for you.
Feel free to email us for more information:
请联络电邮)或游览网站 以获知更多详情。

lafame gallerie ck 002 lafame gallerie ck 003 lafame gallerie ck 004 lafame gallerie ck 005 lafame gallerie ck 006 lafame gallerie ck 007 lafame gallerie ck 008 lafame gallerie ck 009

Fashion shoot . Keith Kee Couture + Lafame Bridal


Keith Kee Couture , 15th anniversary . A mark of the masterpiece 2016

We are one of the proud sponsors of the grand event of Keith Kee Couture , “15th anniversary . A mark of the masterpiece 2016”. Thanks Keith Kee for entrusting us to photograph the latest collection of Keith Kee Couture featured with Malaysia top models and artists thanks for the opportunity to showcase our work and brand to all the honourable guests, dato & datin & one of the super star of the night , Dato Jimmy Choo.

Through the respect and appreciation of individualism in every aspect, Keith Kee Couture (KKC) strongly believes that every piece of outfit is made for a lasting statement, that will be worthy of a lifetime of memories. Keith prides on having an acute sensitivity to an individual’s needs and as such, pays meticulous attention to the detailing as well as finishing touches, in line with his genuine desire to bring out a person’s best. He was awarded as Best Showcase Designer of the year 2016 by Mercedes-Benz during Styo Asia Fashion Festival Malaysia.  It’s our pleasure indeed to be part of the project and had a crossover for the latest fashion shoot.

 Special thanks to  Dato Sri Jessy Lai , Angie Ng , Irene Martin, Elle Yong , Fish Tan , Benjamin Toong , Amber Chia , Soo Wincci , Zhiny Ooi , Carrie Lee , Kelly Jagan , Chloe Chen , Fancy Goh , Datin Elianna Efendieva Yong , Ks Tan , Kate Chan , Kim Low & Wafa to the the models of the shooting. 


Fashion Shoot in Pullman Hotel, KLkeith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-003 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-004 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-005 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-006 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-007

Fashion shoot in Lafame Bridal Mansionkeith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-008 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-009 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-010 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-011 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-012 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-013 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-014 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-015 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-016 keith-kee-lafame-gallerie-ck-paul-kong-edmund-tham-e-gallery-017

Europe Prewedding . Jacky & Ashley . Paris , Mt. St. Michel & Prague


Europe Prewedding . Jacky & Ashley .  Paris , Mt. St. Michel & Prague

Congratulations to the couple Jacky & Ashley for their wedding reception dinner last weekend in St Regis KL. We wish you a happy marriage. We knew the couple some time back as we photoshoot their registration of marriage some time ago. We are glad to be able to travel these destinations again.

We will back to Europe again in April 2017. For those who missed out our previous prewedding photography trip, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity again. Email us for more information about all our coming destination trip again.

Email : info@lafame.aisa               Phone : +603-74966886













Le Mont-Saint-Michel : Mont Saint Miché,  is an island commune in Normandy, France. It is located about one kilometre (0.6 miles) off the country’s northwestern coast, at the mouth of the Couesnon River near Avranches and is 100 hectares (247 acres) in size.  Its unique position — on an island just 600 metres from land — made it accessible at low tide . This is one of France’s most recognizable landmarks, visited by more than 3 million people each year, Mont Saint-Michel and its bay are on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.














Besides, we also travel to Prague and this was our third time shooting in Prague.   Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. Besides, Prague has the lowest unemployment rate in the European Union. Thus it’s safer to have prewedding shooting here compared to Paris.  Main shooting attractions include the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square with the Prague astronomical clock,  and Petřín hill. Since 1992, the extensive historic centre of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.















Oversea Destinations Prewedding 2017

Destination Prewedding Tour 2017

First of all, we would like to thanks our lovely clients for entrusting Team LaFame Bridal to create amazing pre wedding portrait in cities around the world. We love every moment working with you all and getting to know what great people you are. For the past 12 months , our team have been travel to amazing cities, London, Paris, Mt St Michel, Iceland , Venice, Prague, Amsterdam, Bali, Tokyo, Perth , Christchurch , Queenstown & etc. We wouldlove to discover more beautiful destinations in coming year.

We will back to Europe, New Zealand , Bali and Japan, Australia and various part of the world in year 2017. For those who missed out our previous prewedding photography trip, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity again. Email us for more information about all our coming destination trip . It will be our great pleasure to witness your love to be captured in amazing destinations around the world. Do contact and check with us for our latest promo and schedule.


Coming up Prewedding destinations 2017:

March  : 


April     :

Japan (Tokyo , Osaka )

Amsterdam (Tulip season) , Paris  , Venice , Prague  , Santorini

May       :

Bali  , Shanghai

July       :

Paris , Provence (Lavender Season), Amsterdam   , Venice  , Prague

August :

New Zealand , Iceland

Sept       :

Bali , Perth

Oct         :

Korea ( Seoul , Jeju Island )

Paris  , Venice , Rome, Florence  , Santorini  ,  Prague


Travel period :  2017

  • 8 hours shoot ( 1 full day shooting )
  • 40 Hi-res specially edited images
  • 12″x 24″ premium album, 30 pages
  • Professional make up artist & hair stylist
  • Photo montage slideshow

*Terms & conditions apply 

Phone : +60374966886

Maternity at LaFame . Jun & CK

We have great fun during this maternity shoot for this couple , Jun & CK  3 days ago. We met up twice before shooting to discuss the dress , attire , the shooting locations and props. We have just set up a few indoor shooting scene and they love the scenes much and they decided to be the first couple to have shooting done in this balcony.  Dear Jun & CK, thanks for the opportunity and we look forward to have another shooting done for your new born soon. Meanwhile enjoy these highlight photos of the day.
Maternity lafame002Maternity lafame003Maternity lafame004Maternity lafame005Maternity lafame006Maternity lafame007Maternity lafame008Maternity lafame009

Woon’s Family Portrait at LaFame

We’d like to start off the season with one of our favorite families. We were asked by Woon to capture some of these cherished moments before their beautiful girls got too big. We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to capture this couple and their daughter . Look at her face!! She’s always such a happy kid. It is such a special time when your children are little and it goes so fast. Most days are filled with so much fun , laughter and joy and the moments are priceless.

We have such a fun session with Woon’s family at our gallery, capturing their big smiles and moments. Besides, we would like to congrats for their coming new family member. We look forward to photograph their newborn soon.Family portrait LaFame001

Family portrait LaFame002

Family portrait LaFame003

Family portrait LaFame004

Family portrait LaFame006

Family portrait LaFame007

Prewedding . Eu Shing & Jin

Lovely couple who choose to have their prewedding photos taken in Lafame Bridal Mansion even before our new gallery opening. Thanks for your trust , and we enjoy the shooting with you both.

Venue : Bofe Cafe & Lafame Bridal Mansion

Photography : Edmund , Paul & Assistant
Makeup : Team Lafame

LaFame Prewedding001 LaFame Prewedding002 LaFame Prewedding003 LaFame Prewedding004 LaFame Prewedding005 LaFame Prewedding006 LaFame Prewedding007 LaFame Prewedding008 LaFame Prewedding009 LaFame Prewedding010 LaFame Prewedding011 LaFame Prewedding012 LaFame Prewedding013 LaFame Prewedding014 LaFame Prewedding015