9 Months in the making. Maternity

When the beautiful mother to be Cindy contacted me to told me that she pregnant early this year. We so decided to document this special time right from the beginning.

Being captured Cindy & Jim wedding end of 2015. Now, we captured the maternity sessions for her and newborn session probably in 2 months time. I feel so honoured to have been there to share in these incredible moments with this family.

Photography is so important in telling a family story, whether these life events are big or small, the pictures we take today will be seen by next generation – these images will become so much more powerful & meaningful with each passing day…

Maternity01 Maternity02 Maternity03 Maternity04 Maternity05 Maternity06 Maternity07Maternity10Maternity09Maternity11 Maternity10Maternity12 Maternity13 Maternity14 Maternity15



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