Debbie & Johan , Jeeva Saba, Bali Wedding

A wedding on new year eve? Sounds a bit odd but that’s normal case in Bali. Debbie & Johan choose new year eve for wedding is to celebrate wedding and new year with their wedding party and yet their loved ones in Bali. They held the wedding at Jeeva Saba (a private villa) for the event to make sure all their guests can stay and enjoy until the last drop of wine is served.


On their big day, fairies danced wearing rubber flip-flops and butterflies sprung out of seashells showing the wind how to fly. The event end with beautiful fireworks at 12 midnight. Happy New Year… From start to finish, this jolly occasion radiates warmth and intimacy. Everyone has already flown thousands of miles from home, not only for the wedding, but also to spend an extra day or week for holiday.

BaliWedding01 BaliWedding02BaliWedding03

BaliWedding04 BaliWedding05 BaliWedding06 BaliWedding07 BaliWedding08 BaliWedding09 BaliWedding10 BaliWedding11 BaliWedding12 BaliWedding13 BaliWedding14 BaliWedding15 BaliWedding17 BaliWedding18 BaliWedding19 BaliWedding20 BaliWedding21

BaliWedding22BaliWedding23 BaliWedding24 BaliWedding25 BaliWedding26 BaliWedding27 BaliWedding28 BaliWedding30 BaliWedding31 BaliWedding32 BaliWedding33 BaliWedding34 BaliWedding35 BaliWedding36

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