Celebrating Zhen Mei & Alex, UK

The Cotswolds is home to some of the most unspoilt, historic and famous towns and villages in England. Beautiful countryside, chic accommodation, colourful markets, quirky events and shopping…. The stunning towns and villages of the Cotswolds will always surprise you!

Special thanks to Alex & Zhen Mei chosen Cotswold for pre wedding shoot, wonderful places for wedding photography. We went to few places like Bath, Bibury, Burford, Bourton-on-the-water…etc. I personally love Bourton-on-the-water, it’s has the “Venice of the Cotswold” because of the attractive little bridges that cross the gently flowing River through the centre of the village. Here are some of the casual shots that taken at Cotswold。

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Cotswold 是英国一些最未受破坏的,历史悠久的着名城镇和乡村的所在地。美丽的乡村,别致的住宿,丰富多彩的市场,古怪的活动和购物。Cotswold 的迷人城镇和村庄带给我们很多惊喜!

特别感谢Alex&Zhen Mei选择Cotswold进行婚礼拍摄,婚礼摄影的绝佳场所。我们去了几个地方,比如Bath,Bibury,Burford,Bourton-on-the-water等等。我个人喜欢Bourton-on-the-water,它拥有“Cotswold 的威尼斯之称号”,因为有一些迷人的小桥梁横过轻轻流动的河流通过村庄的中心。这里有一些在Cotswold拍摄美丽照片。

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Cotswold 01_1 Cotswold 02_1 Cotswold 03_1 Cotswold 04_1 Cotswold 05_1 Cotswold 06_1 Cotswold 07_1 Cotswold 08_1 Cotswold 09_1 Cotswold 10_1 Cotswold 11_1 Cotswold 12_1 Cotswold 12b_1 Cotswold 13_1 Cotswold 14_1 Cotswold 15_1

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