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How did the disadvantaged group live during the pandemic?
With the spread and uncertainty of the covid-19 pandemic, vulnerable groups are facing impacts on their lives and livelihoods.
LaFame Bride and Mini Hero Charity work together to help the vulnerable groups to survive this epidemic
Date: May 8, 2020 (Friday)
Time: 8:30 pm
Location: Facebook Live @lafame Bride



易感人群和高危易发人群,老年人的疫情防控牵动着社会关切的目光. 很多志愿者们以多种形式和在自生能力范围里帮着这些团体。

LaFame Bridal Mansion 和 Mini Hero Charity慈善机构一起合作帮助群弱势团体度过这个疫情

日期:8 May 2020 (星期五)
地点:Facebook Live @lafame bridal mansion


Good News :

Lafame Bridal will donate 5% of total sales to Mini Hero

Every RM100 donation to Mini Hero,  complimentary RM300 voucher will be given by Lafame Bridal for wedding services including photography, videography, attire rental,  portrait and etc.



LaFame Charity T&C

  1. The following terms and conditions apply to the redemption and use of promotional vouchers
  2. Voucher is limited to one time redemption per transaction only.
  3. Voucher can be used for all services EXCEPT personal makeup service
  4. Customers can only redeem the voucher through LaFame Store (KL & Melaka)
  5. This event will be held until 31st July 2020
  6. LaFame Bridal Mansion reserves the right to cancel or modify any order, or revoke the use of Vouchers for any reason, including due to:
    a. suspicious or fraudulent purchasing activity or Voucher use;
    b. Voucher abuse, including the use of multiple accounts or multiple services associated with the same customer or group of customers; or
    c. Voucher used in bad faith (including resold Vouchers or use of Vouchers by customers purchasing products for the purpose of re-selling).
  7. Unless otherwise stated, Vouchers are not valid in conjunction with other promotions or discounts.
  8. No change is given if the purchase amount is less than the voucher amount
  9. Vouchers are not exchangeable for cash.
  10. LaFame Bridal Mansion will not be liable and/or be required to offer replacement Vouchers, discounts, credits, cash or otherwise compensate customers for:
    a. discontinued or cancelled Vouchers;
    b. improper use of, or inability to redeem, a Voucher; or
    c. the inability to redeem a Voucher due to technical issues.
  11. LaFame Bridal Mansion reserves the right to change these terms & conditions or cancel any promotions at any time and without notice.