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05 Sep BFF Portrait.

BFF Portrait. Best friends are just like another family without blood relationship! 姐妹 就是可以互相欺負 但那種欺負裡都是滿滿的溫馨 滿滿的快樂 滿滿的幸福 總是常常在FB和IG中看見別人拍得美美的閨蜜照,可是自己和閨蜜永遠都沒有方法拍出有FEEL的照片! 不想永遠都只是大頭照,就让我梦帮你们拍吧📸🎥 Best friends photography ,capture the precious moments of the friendship. We offers you a list of ideas and unique style for your bff portrait that are in trend now. 📍KL HQ : 205 , Jalan...

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