Wedding . BianJin & Siew Ling.

We are blessed to be witness and document a beautiful garden wedding over the weekend. Thanks BianJin & Siew Ling for entrusting us to cover your wedding event . Photographers : LaFame Bridal Mansion

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Wedding. BianJin & Siew Ling_1 Wedding. BianJin & Siew Ling2_1 Wedding. BianJin & Siew Ling3_1 Wedding. BianJin & Siew Ling4_1 Wedding. BianJin & Siew Ling5_1 Wedding. BianJin & Siew Ling6_1

Wedding . BianJin & Siew Ling.

Wedding . BianJin & Siew Ling.

We are blessed to be witness and document a beautiful garden wedding over the weekend.

Thanks BianJin & Siew Ling for entrusting us to cover your wedding event .

Photographers : LaFame Bridal Mansion

📍KL HQ : 205 , Jalan ss2/24,47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
(waze/google map: Lafame ss2)

📍Melaka Branch :10, Jln KSB 12,Taman Kota Syahbandar, 75200 Melaka
(waze/google map: Lafame melaka)

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Wedding. Bian Jin & Siew Ling2 Wedding. Bian Jin & Siew Ling3Wedding. BianJin & SiewLing_1 Wedding. BianJin & SiewLing2_1 Wedding. BianJin & SiewLing3_1 Wedding. BianJin & SiewLing4_1 Wedding. BianJin & SiewLing5_1 Wedding. BianJin & SiewLing6_1 Wedding. BianJin & SiewLing7_1 Wedding. BianJin & SiewLing8_1 Wedding. BianJin & SiewLing9_1 Wedding. BianJin & SiewLing10_1 Wedding. BianJin & SiewLing11_1 Wedding. BianJin & SiewLing12_1 Wedding. BianJin & SiewLing13_1Wedding. Bian Jin & Siew Ling

Iceland Prewedding by Lafame . Lucious & Joanne


Iceland has been a hot spot lately for photographers and couples. We were so stunned by the earth’s natural beauty. We flew our favourite makeup artist , See Ling for the whole trip to do make up and styling for Joanne.

We had 3 unforgettable shooting days with the couple. As usual, we love to have a mixture of bridal and casual wear shooting in most of our shooting assignment.  The weather in Iceland are unlike anything I’ve worked with before . However we were blessed with beautiful light by Onsmo X1 Pro.  Here are some sneak peak of the Iceland Prewedding.

Iceland Prewedding by Lafame . Lucious & Joanne

iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-002_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-003_1
iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-004_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-005_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-006_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-007_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-008_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-009_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-010_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-011_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-012_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-013_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-014_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-015_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-016_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-017_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-018_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-020_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-021_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-022_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-023_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-024_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-025_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-026_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-027_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-028_1 iceland-prewedding-lafame-bridal-gallerie-ck-ckwedding-paul-kong-edmund-tham-029_1

Europe Prewedding . Jacky & Ashley . Paris , Mt. St. Michel & Prague


Europe Prewedding . Jacky & Ashley .  Paris , Mt. St. Michel & Prague

Congratulations to the couple Jacky & Ashley for their wedding reception dinner last weekend in St Regis KL. We wish you a happy marriage. We knew the couple some time back as we photoshoot their registration of marriage some time ago. We are glad to be able to travel these destinations again.

We will back to Europe again in April 2017. For those who missed out our previous prewedding photography trip, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity again. Email us for more information about all our coming destination trip again.

Email : info@lafame.aisa               Phone : +603-74966886













Le Mont-Saint-Michel : Mont Saint Miché,  is an island commune in Normandy, France. It is located about one kilometre (0.6 miles) off the country’s northwestern coast, at the mouth of the Couesnon River near Avranches and is 100 hectares (247 acres) in size.  Its unique position — on an island just 600 metres from land — made it accessible at low tide . This is one of France’s most recognizable landmarks, visited by more than 3 million people each year, Mont Saint-Michel and its bay are on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.














Besides, we also travel to Prague and this was our third time shooting in Prague.   Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. Besides, Prague has the lowest unemployment rate in the European Union. Thus it’s safer to have prewedding shooting here compared to Paris.  Main shooting attractions include the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square with the Prague astronomical clock,  and Petřín hill. Since 1992, the extensive historic centre of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.















PreWedding. Leia & Eddie

Listen to Leia & Eddie love story remind me a Hong Kong drama “Triumph in the skies”. Leia from JB work as air stewardess work for Emirates Airline and Eddie from KL work for an IT company in Dubai for 7 years. Their first met on the air craft and the love cupid join 2 hearts together at 36000 feet heights.  Due to their busy schedule, they only meeting each other once a month. After few years of long distance relationship, they finally decided to tide the knots and settle down in Dubai.  Nothing is more beautiful than two people who are truly and honestly in love.

Leia and Eddie, we are truly appreciate to be your photographer.  Thank you letting me be the one to capture that easy connection that you have.  I can’t describe it, but I can see it, and I feel privileged to put it into pictures.  I wish both of you happiness always.

Leia&Eddie_003bLeia&Eddie_008bLeia&Eddie_006bLeia&Eddie_021bLeia&Eddie_023bLeia&Eddie_028bLeia&Eddie_043bLeia&Eddie_145aLeia&Eddie_146aLeia&Eddie_149aLeia&Eddie_151aLeia&Eddie_153aLeia&Eddie_173aLeia&Eddie lafame


Prewedding . August & Kenny

“Just finished our pre wedding and wedding day event, a very lovely thanks to LaFame Bridal Mansion team. Especially their professional photographer, Mr Edmund Tham. He been helped us to rush our pre wedding shooting and photo album within 10 days. We knew its quite rush in these short time but in the end all works are very fantastic and nice. And also would like to thanks Edmund and his senior photographer Kavanna on our wedding day, from early morning until night both of them done a great job,  appreciate both of your help. Once again, many thanks to you and your team kindness and flexibility. Thumbs up for you guys, well done!!!”  From August & Kenny

We were grateful our lovely couple entrusting us to capture the moments on their pre wedding and wedding day. Kenny working in US and August were in KL, Kenny only back to KL 2 weeks before the wedding. That’s the reason why we need to rush for their Pre Wedding shoot and album within 10 days.

You know some weddings are going to be fun before you even arrive on the day.  August & Kenny wedding was one of those.  It might be because we know some their family members before the wedding, we had a family portrait session before the wedding 2 days before the wedding and their family members are very friendly, or it might be because the couple themselves are so down to earth, relaxed and good humoured that you know there is no way this could be a stuffy affair.