We were happy & congratulate to our best friend Kavanna & Sassha. We known the couple for many years and finally they both engaged few month back. Kavanna & Sassha also from wedding industry, they both are famous photographer & make up artist. When come to Pre Wedding photography, thank you for choosing LaFame and trust us.
Recently we had upgraded & built a few beautiful scenes for Pre Wedding. It comes with different concepts, feeling and character. Doing a indoor pre-wedding shoot in LaFame Bridal Mansion for this couple is awesome fun. We love it as we have been know each other for years and the couple felt comfortable with us taking their photo. It is also a great way for couple to get to spend a fun shooting day together shooting in our mansion, without all the pressures of shooting outdoor. We can play with styling, props and themes. We just know that it is our privilege to get to photograph this lovely couple.
Kavanna & Sassha, thank you letting us be to capture these beautiful photos . We wish you happiness always and forever. See you both again in your wedding day. 
我们很高兴,并祝贺我们最好的朋友Kavanna&Sassha。我们认识他们很多年,他们终于在几个月前订了婚。 Kavanna&Sassha也是做婚纱行业,他们都是着名的摄影师和化妆师。来到婚礼摄影,感谢您选择LaFame并相信我们。
最近我们升级并建了几个婚纱的美丽场景。它有不同的概念,感觉和品格。在LaFame Bridal Mansion为这对新人进行室内婚礼前拍摄是非常有趣的。因为我们已经彼此认识了多年,这对夫妇对我们拍照感到很舒服。这也是一个很好的方式,夫妇在我们的豪宅一起拍摄有趣的拍摄日子,没有所有的压力拍摄户外也不受天气的影响。我们可以玩造型,道具和主题。我们很荣幸可以拍摄这对可爱的情侣。
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